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Package: 200 ml


Extract of millet and other herbs, panthenol, keratin, biotin, important trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and magnesium: thanks to these precious ingredients, the vials act from the outside, oxygenating and reactivating the bulbs and strengthening the hair. As millet is the cereal richest in silicic acid – the main constituent of hair – it helps hair to stay soft and strong.

A healthy and clean scalp translates into efficient hair bulbs that can produce beautiful and strong hair. Good oxygenation of the scalp is therefore particularly important: MIGLIORIN vials perform this task perfectly, supplying the most effective elements. Furthermore, keratin is the main component of hair: an additional external supply of this precious element will strengthen the hair.

One vial per day may be used when dealing with an emergency situation, such as sudden or excessive hair loss, itching, dandruff. It will keep your hair blooming, healthy and shiny with a slight fixative and refreshing effect.

HOW TO USE IT:  Twice a week, for at least a month, on clean hair, pour the contents of one vial into the palm of your hand, distribute well over the entire scalp and continue to massage the bottom of the scalp with a circular movement, using your fingertips. After the first month, continue with 1 vial a week. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Package: 200 ml

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